What are some advice for a saddle that suddenly started to slip forward? I never had this issue before, it’s very slight and gradual but I end up getting off half way to readjust it.

a no-slip pad that goes under the pads works really well.
Horse or pony?
If it’s a pony you could try a cruper
It might just need re-flocking, so I wouldn't run out to buy a new one just yet!
@caoimhesweeney alright Many thanks! Will get the saddle checked, and hopefully buy a better fitting one.
Not likely, I'd get the saddle checked first! A crupper, or a non-slip pad might help stop it sliding forward, but I'd still get the saddle checked.
@caoimhesweeney yeah he’s 21 years old, currently working on slowly bringing back his top line, however if the saddle is poorly fitted now then I’ll have to get that checked out. Also could the girth be the cause of a saddle slipping forward?
And many thanks 😁
Is this your old horse? It's likely not permanent, especially if you haven't noticed, but it could be muscle or fat. Older horses lose their topline a lot too, which changes saddle fit.
@caoimhesweeney, ah i see, I will try find someone local and good (it’s been a while since I had the saddle fitter out as it was our best saddle but will fish someone out). Would the change of shape be permanent and is it due to muscle gain/loss or more like a weight gain type of thing? Sorry for the questions, just never had this issue before x
Horses change shape all the time, for various reasons (kinda like us). There's a good chance that this is what has happened and now the saddle no longer fits. Do you have someone who can fit saddles nearby?
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