How do you keep a horse's head up when catering ? The horse I ride is really sensitive in the mouth so I try to prevent from half halting too much.

Okay thanks lilly !! 🙂
Are you sure its a breastplate and not a martingale? If it is a definite breastplate, you could try a martingale.
Does a breast plate help with keeping the horses head up do you think ? I use one too in the horse I ride and have the problem on
i use a breastplate but i’m an eventer so i dunno for any other discipline
Draw reins are not the way to go.... they are really uncomfortable if it's while riding I would use a martingale while lunging it's not that big a deal
Okay, thanks so much 🙂
Yes, the draw reins and bunjee encourage the horse not to avoid pressure but encourage them to except it while riding as well
Thank you Imogen!
what about when riding ? Would the lunging benefit when riding ?
Lunge her in draw reigns or a bunjee
Okay thank you ! The only problem is that she gets all tense and doesn’t like it when I hold her with short reins ( she is an x racehorse ) she would start to prance and go sideways she doesn’t like to be held so tight if you know what I mean .
draw reins are a great way to create a frame and to creat impulsion from the hind to the front.
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