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What bits are good for strong horses that rush to jumps and canter really fast?

What bits are good for strong horses that rush to jumps and canter really fast?
probably some sort of happy mouth
It depends on what they do to the fence. Does your horse rush and stick their head up? Or do they put their face down towards their chest? I’d consider a 3 ring gag or a straight bar rubber Pelham. Those prevent leaning on the bit. But most of your problems won’t be solved with a bit but with ground work and lots of transitions. So like put poles before and after fences. Or if you’re in a line, jump one fence with poles then like 5 strides, stop. Walk them to the next fence, then circle back to the second fence that should also have poles. But more transitions! Like trot/walk, walk/trot, canter/halt, walk/canter, canter/trot. Change It up constantly until they’re really listening. That’ll help a lot more than a bit!
Thank you so much! It’s really great to know :) the mare I ride is the same, so i will definitely look into that. Thanks again !
@zcandrews they are apple scented which encourages the horse to accept the bit as well as being polymer which is nicer for horses that metal that can change temperature. I found that my mare that can be extremely strong has a soft mouth with a happy mouth bit xx
What effect does the happy mouth bit have ? @immyelly1912
Happy mouth 3 ring Mullen mouth
You could try a roller bit or a pellum
I love my pessoa magic system slow twisted snaffle on my strong and fast horse who can’t have an elevator bit or he’ll get too short in the neck