How do you help a horse to go straight and calmly towards a jump?

Thank you Dianane ! I can’t wait to try it ! I really appreciate your input 😊 thanks
I would lay some poles on the ground in a straight row . Put enough space for one stride between each pole. Try to galop the poles with a consistent rythm keeping the horse as straight as you possibly can. I have done this with multiple young horses and to me it was very effective. I hope it will be helpfull to you as well!
@caoimhesweeney Yes that’s true, I will try it ! Thanks again :)
It would eliminate whether it's a problem/habit stemming from the horse, or if it's tack or something you are doing that's causing it.
I haven’t tried loose jumping but that’s a good idea to see the comparison !
How does she approach them when loose jumping?
Will give it a go !! Thank you :)
Trot poles in front of the jump and put straightening poles leaning on the jump you could also put the jump down and start back at the basics
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