What ground work would you recommend to improve a pony's manners (I don’t have an arena to work in)?

Hello, first of all, know that the lower he is, then he is insolent. In order to freely work with ponies, she must be trusted. One of the ways to win trust, the first trot to go on a free occasion, it will be good for both you and the horse. But remember, a horse is an animal, it can be frightened or beat off a team.
I take my pony on walks in places she is unfamiliar with, like the road, or a different field. On these walks I do a lot of work on voice commands, like asking to woah and stand for a while, and walk on. I also work on her walking beside me and not getting to strong. If she does, I get after her. It also helps them learn new places and learn not everything is gonna kill you. To help with mounting on, I had
her stand at the mounting block, someone else holding her, and just put pressure on her back for a while, just leaning and putting all of my body weight on her. I slowly did that for longer, and now she is an angel getting on. For pawing, another big problem of mine, I got so annoyed at her doing it that one day I got after her pretty harshly by just smacking her leg that she was pawing with with her lead rope and that was all she needed for that day. Ofcourse I did not do it hard enough to hurt her, it is a cloth lead rope, but I did it just enough to make her stop. She did test me again, but every day I would just do that and soon pawing was not a problem and has not been for a while!
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