What equestrian center do you advise to take intensive horse riding classes over the course of a few months (show jumping) and get to a high level?

Thank you @jamesranee, I’ll look it up! I’m living in Perpignan at the moment so it’s not far!
Also in France you have the opportunity to compete every other weekend which will really help your progress
Hof Kasselmann in Germany or McLaren High Perfomance Horses in Pau France which is where I’m off to this summer but she charges €100/hr but you might be able to negotiate a work in exchange for training deal
Yes of course, I am well aware that it is a long process. What I meant was that I am looking for an intensive course that will improve my riding skills. Before years come months :) You have to start somewhere!
It will take years, not months to achieve what you want. It’s a long process that shouldn’t be rushed for horse and rider safety. Good luck.
It can be anywhere. Preferably in Europe.
What country ?
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