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What are some tips for building your confidence?

What are some tips for building your confidence?
and don't forget to breath!!
also you have to trust your horse and do whatever yo can to make you feel comfortable even its a little ridicloulous haha.
ok so i have went throughhh soooooo much dofficulty with this. i know exactly how it feels. its terrible. what id say first is dont rush. trust me it feels like youll never gaon confidence ever again but you will but you have to try. so maybe next time you ride just get on and sit and talk with some friends and jus relax
Like @jamesranee said, watching videos of people riding is definitely a good idea! It is good to learn about how people do things differently and try them out to see which works best for you. Also I think that not knowing a lot of information can make you feel insecure. If you know information about riding, your horse, their preferences, and how they will act in certain situations then you can understand them better. Also, just start small! There is a first for everything and it is not going to be good. Every rider, even Olympic riders, had a first time. Good luck and I hope this helps 😊
I found watching videos on YouTube (like horse source and maria tack) inspired me and made me want to try new things and built my confidence. At the same time having someone who will give you positive feedback is a huge confidence builder. And also try and have confidence in your ability, if you know you can do it, even if it goes wrong keep pushing until you get it right, it may discourage you at the time but once you do it once you’ll get a huge confidence buzz and use that to drive you 😊