Ask @alexandraledermann : Can you give us a little anecdote about your experience at the Atlanta Olympics?

Hello Stanley,

At the first round, I was clear, and after the second round, I left one pole down. So my groom brang back my horse to the stabbles, which were quite far from the field. I was thinking that my day was finished, and I was waiting to know if I was 10th, or 11th, in the ranking.

During the round, there were no clear round, just one, and I was gaining ranks in the ranking.

At the last minute, we learned that there will be a jump-off for the riders with 4 penalities. My groom untacked my horse and started to unbraid him! We had to rush to the field, do a quick warm-up while staying calm.

I was the first one to go, so I ride to make sure I would do a clear round, but I still had to go fast so that other riders would have to go fast too.

Finally, I finished at the third place!

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