Ask @alexandraledermann : What are some advice to bring a young horse to the highest level?

Hello David,

You have to listen to every horses, and their specificities. Every horses don't evolve the same way, at the same rhythm. It's with experience that you learn to know that. Some horses will be late for example, while some will be precocious.

It's one of my trademarks, I work my horses with a lot of attention, avoiding to jump one too many, and respecting the mind and the body of my horses.

Requiem de Talma's brother is very precocious, at 4 years old he didn't show, at 5 years old just a little, because we felt that he was too weak, too sensitive. We waited for him to be 6 years old, to be more mature, and he already was ranked 3 times.

On the contrary, some of my horses did the 4, 5 and 6 years old seasons easily. We keep listening to them.

I have the chance to have owners who trust me, and who are horsemen and horsewomen. They don't force me to bring a horse to a final if he's not ready. They don't put any pressure on me to have great results quickly. This trust is really important.

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