Ask Alexandra Ledermann : What is the biggest thing you have had to overcome?

That's so sad. I'm sorry you have had to go through that. I am just starting out in the sport on a tight budget:/ and I'm finding it hard. Any advice??
Hello Summer,

When Rochet M retired, I had other Grand Prix horses at that time but Cook du Midour, Rochet's successor, had health issues 15 days before the European Championships, and his career stopped there.

Then, I had another Grand Prix horse, who had a heart attack and died at the age of 10. The owner of my 4th Grand Prix horse entrusted him to another person. It was a bad period.

I had other 6 and 7 years old I was preparing, but they also had fragile health, who couldn't continue their career.

Then, it was kind of complicated, we depends on great horses!

Now, I am back because I have a great horse: Requiem de Talma, but it wasn't just a bed of roses with him.

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