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How do you prepare your horses for a competition?

How do you prepare your horses for a competition?
I have a bay mare so she's super easy to prepare for competition! I groom her every day, so when the competition come she's already clean and shiny! I don't use a lot of products, only a detangler (use it almost every day for her tail) and a spray to make her shiner!
Her coat is always great so doesn't need clipping!

Hope it helps
I love to prepare my horse for a competition!! Almonst everytime i prepare her the day before because it’s easier for me to manage my time like that.
In summer I usually bathe her with shampoo and even conditioner, then I let her dry in the sun and in the meantime I check to have all the things I need clean and put together ready to go. Once she is dry I use different products and brushes to get her coat, mane and tail shiner and softer. I usually use a sort of cream that help to keep her clean from dirt and especially dust. On her nose and eyes I usually apply an hydration cream or some baby oil to keep her skin soft and shiny. In the end I apply some oil on the hoofs so the next day she is going to need just a quick brush and she’ll be ready to go.
I braid her mane only for few occasions beachside it takes a lot of time and patience, but I love her hair also in the natural way.
If it’s just a schooling type show, I bath or rinse the horse I ride quickly the day of, or if I don’t have time, the night before. Groom them a lot.
I bathe my horse the morning before and the next day i keep checking him to see if there are any tiny spots that are dirty and if there is i clean those little spots.