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What are your tips for a horse who is very short in trot but rushes the canter and towards jumps?

What are your tips for a horse who is very short in trot but rushes the canter and towards jumps?
try not to squeeze as hard with your legs but keep them snag well cantering gently pull on the rains and keep whispering easy this is what helped me
Thank you both. But she's not my horse i ride at a riding school and have group lessons so i don't get to decide which horse im riding and what we are doing in that lesson, my instructor will choose. But today i had a lesson and watched someone else ride that horse. She just kept on cantering really fast to the back of the ride whenever she got to the front and she's also very strong. I havent rode her for a while now so im assuming my instructor will put me on her soon x @lauren.clayton @horselover11
Try pole exercises and then move up to grids
Hello Taran!

There is no miracle! The best way is to make your horse reactive to what your asking him, for that you have to make a lot of transitions to put his weight back on his hips (within the gait and also trot-canter, canter-trot) it will help your horse have a lower rhythm in his canter and a better one in his trot.

It is usually a problem of balance, the horse is looking for facilities while running away, work on circles, big ones to begin and then small ones, he will have to slow down if he doesn't want to fall (you can also put ground poles on a circle to make him be more balanced).

Ask the start from the walk and try not to be holding on the reins, you can play with your fingers to relax him, keep your chest behind. You can also ask him some hip movements to keep his weight behind.

For the jump, if he rushes just stop him in front of it and come again, every time he rushes, you stop him, at one point he will understand he can't rush. Stop him right after the jump too in order to keep him concentrate and calm.

I hope i could help you, good luck :)