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Who are a few of your favorite equestrian youtubers?

Who are a few of your favorite equestrian youtubers?
@lsi okay, lol😂. I don’t find them too funny, but whatever🤷🏼‍♀️
@abbyloveshorses Reese does, but she is unactive and has been for about a year and a half
I like this esme
Day by day vlogs
@lsi I didn’t know she had a horsealot account, thanks!
Talicia Beardsmore, horse network, Noelle Floyd, Your Riding Success (dressage but still helps/applies to jumping) and CRK Training
Justine paulmer, jet eventing, Clare eventing
holly lenahan neddiesgun91
raleigh link, daybyday vlogs, reeseoliviasinpson, equestrian prep
Shelby Dennis, This Esme, Raleighlink14, Equestrian Prep, Reese Olivia Simpson
JETeventing, Marina Avalon, Hannah Lucy, Justine Palmer, and Claireeventing are my favorites
@madisonkmurray lol, yeah😂😂. I have watched a few of her videos and she definitely gets on my nerves.
EquestrianPrep, JETeventing, Claireeventing. If you want some you is triggered but funny there is RalieghLink
I have so many fav equestrian YouTubers. Like Claireeventing, JETeventing, Hannah Lucy, Shelby Dennis, HeyitsMaya, etc
My absolute favourite is Noelle Floyd magazine. You should totally check that one out!
Shelby Dennis