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How do you treat head shyness?

How do you treat head shyness?
Lots and lots of patience and time, working on slowly rubbing and stroking them and rewarding them for any small progress. Unfortunately it is something that takes a lot of time.
pet your horses face or give them a big kiss (thats what i did lol) when you do it and they let you give them a treat to tell them that its ok and they did good!
Is it possible that the little hairs around the nose have been trimmed at some stage? Or if she's even had an old injury to her nose? Has she always been like that, or is it relatively recent?
It’s quite interesting. She came from a breeder that we have worked with for a long time. She has no marks on her face and no mishandling. She’s fine to put a halter and Bridle on and I just learned she LOVES face rubs when you touch her from her poll/neck to her face, but she doesn’t like her nose being touched. She’ll come sniff me and when she accidentally boops me she startles herself. she’s very strange because it’s teally just her nose
I would start with getting a very soft brush or a face brush. Let them sniff it and then start to brush their neck. Slowly move up until you are at the very top of the neck. Slowly brush their cheek until they get used to it. If they back away or throw their head then go back to their neck and start again. Slowly brush more and more of the face/head and reward them when you progress. Also it will take time so you may only get to the top of the neck on the first day. Good luck!
Time and patience, although it may never been treated. Do you know the cause?

We have a horse who is now 18... he was rescued as a 2 year old and he still has the marks around his head from that time. He might let someone touch his face after a long period of slowly working up that far, but for the most part, he still jumps back if someone goes to pet his head.
i would try desensitizing, like rubbing her head or just desensitizing her whole body and work up to the neck. Also the Clinton Anderson’s desensitizing videos are very beneficial. To desensitize her head I would just rub her with different things like a towel working up to a plastic bag. If she’s sensitive about any kind of touch to the head and face try rubbing her until she stays still and then rewarded her with treats or just releasing the pressure.