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Do you use hoof supplements, if so what brand?

Do you use hoof supplements, if so what brand?
My mare has fragile hoofs, lots of people told me to give her hoof suplements, when saw the price it scared me!
So I went to the cheaper version, most suplements have Biotin (it's what makes the hoof grows stronger) and gelatin (powder) has it too, so I went to the supermarket, bought a buch of gelatin (with their favorite flavour) and my mares hoofs do not look like they used to, super strong!
I conplement with a good hoof moisturizer!

Hope it helps
@ryanarobson that’s what I use on my mare! It seems to be working quite well but I’ve heard some people say there are other brands that work better so I wanted to get an idea of what other people think
SmartHoof ultra. 2 of my horses are on it and I've been quite pleased with the results.
biostar is the best!