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What are some horse-related superstitions you've heard?

What are some horse-related superstitions you've heard?
In Portugal we say that you are only a real rider once you have fallen 7 times!
I believe the person who invented this has fallen way more then 7 times 😂 But it really helps the kids, so they know it's normal to fall of a horse!
I have heard that white horses seen alone are bad luck. I work with a white horse and nothing has happened! So this may not be true.😍 love my white horse!❤️

Chestnut mares are all crazy, hot, difficult and not to own/ride one.

*I own, ride and compete a chestnut mare 😂 there might be some truth to this one
Hi Vanessa,
I’m Vietnamese and in Vietnam, a horse symbolizes success and fortune. We use the term “Mã Đáo Thành Công” in Lunar New Year (Tết) to wish someone a year full of success, luck and wealth. We also give each other framed pictures of 8 horses running on water because “8” is understood a very lucky number in the culture. Also there are ways to hang in picture in the house depends on the owner’s zodiac sign, or else it’ll bring bad luck to the owner himself.
Hope you find this answer interesting.