Ask EQUISTRO: What supplement do you advise to support my horse during summer? When it's hot, he seems to have some struggles to work.

Hello Elliott,

Thank you for your question.

During summer, horses have often struggles to work.
As you certainly know, when horses are sweating, they are loosing a lot of electrolytes.
To avoid this miss of electrolytes, you can give feeding stuff like :

- ELECTROLYT 7 is a feeding stuff containing a high concentration of electrolytes, vitamin E an readily assimilated vitamin C and zinc. It is particularly recommended during extreme physical exertion or during hot climates.

- AZODINE is a feeding stuff for horse which contains high concentrations of calcium, sodium and chloride electrolytes needed for healthy muscle function. It is recommended for horses whose muscle electrolyte needs are elevated.

- Elytaan helps compensate electrolyte loss in cases of heavy sweating following intense physical activity such as training and during competition

Of courses water must be available at all times. :)
Don't hesitate to contact your vet to have a complete diagnosis!

Have a good weekend!

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