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Do you have tips to go back on a horse faster after a riding accident that broke my back (and my confidence)?

Do you have tips to go back on a horse faster after a riding accident that broke my back (and my confidence)?
I’m so sorry to hear about your fall! That’s terrible! I’m really glad you’re coming back to ride though. Just remember that no one is expecting you to start doing anything soon. I would say that before you even think about riding again, spend a lot of time with your horse (or the horse you ride). Get to know them and how they react to things, play with them, and even just sit in the paddock with them. Although it may seem like you would be totally fine around horses the fall shook you up a bit like you said. Make sure you aren’t afraid of the horse at all before you start riding again. Build a really strong bond and you will be much more confident. When you start to ride your first few times you may just walk which is completely fine. Make sure you are sitting deep in the saddle and are sitting up straight. Make sure to take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down and know that you will be fine. For the first few times riding you may also want to wear a vest or some sort of protection as your back may be stiff and not used to riding. Good luck!
Hello Kysa!

First of all you need to take your time! Don't rush it. You need to get your body back on track. It will take time but it is necessary. I had a fall on December and broke my coccyx, i get back on my horse right after the fall and didn't wait enough (I was back on her 2 weeks after the fall) and i still am hurt (i can't stay sitted for more than an hour). This is why you need to let your body recover, especially the back, it could have been way more complicated for you.

Don't forget that horse riding is a dangerous sport, the apprehension is normal after a serious fall, especially when you get older. Maybe you should wear a back protection or an airbag for the first times you get back on your horse to feel more confident.

Don't hesitate to go see your horse just to take care of him, cuddle him and make him understand you're not mad at him, you will feel more confident when you'll ride him again.

If you're scared, take it slow, ride a calm horse that will make you feel safe, do only walk to begin and see how you feel (physically and psychologically). If you're really scared, ask someone to be around the first times or even ask to be lounged at the beginning.

Also, don't forget that you ride for pleasure so just try to feel the good sensations again and enjoy these little moments :)
Start slowly, down jump straight back into things. Pretend you’re riding for the first time again, because that will probably be how confident you are. Hang around the horses for longer than usual, and help around the barn / stables to boost your confidence back up again. Don’t abandon the horse that threw you off - when you’ve been riding for a while again, ride him or her again, but do things at a much calmer rate. Let that particular horse know that you trust him and he should trust you. Before you start riding him again, spend lots of time around him grooming him, tacking him up, etc. When riding any horse you aren’t sure about, get your coach or a friend to lead you around at a first, and then you can go on the lunge. After getting enough confidence after doing that, you can come off the lunge and start riding yourself, ALWAYS with someone else watching you invade something happens. For safety, you can bye a vest, which - if it works properly - will give you more protection around your torso.
Hope this helps and I hope you’re ok!! 👍😊