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What are the best workout for riding?

What are the best workout for riding?

I love yoga, it learned me how to breath properly, and it helps me so much during jumping sessions for example.
Hi Lizzy,

I swim a lot! It helps with my general shape, it especially strengthens my back which is so important to ride 🙂
Pilates is super!
Cardio is really great for endurance. A lot of professional riders also do yoga, which is really good for your muscles
Hello Lizzy!

The most important on horse riding is the breath, and for that; no secret: running ;)

Then you can work on your legs by doing squats, running the stairs, then core exercices like obliques for a better balance, crunches and plank, flutter kicks can also be great.
Don't forget back exercices like "superman".

I hope I could help you :)