Ask Dominique Boeuf : What is the best breed for show jumping that you would recommend?

Hello KF,

My two show jumping horses are Selle Français. I started with an off the track thoroughbred, who was very big and strong, but also lymphatic ;-).

In 6 months, he went from a races stabble to a 115cm showjumping classes. He had his time-off with my daughter but as soon as she started working with him, they didn't get along anymore.

I was invited to the Jumping of Bordeaux, so I rent a mare for the show, a Selle Français named Olga, and it was love at first sight! My daughter tried her, it went well so I bought her.

I also called @eugenieangot who found another Selle Français mare, Unesca. I liked her but her vet check wasn't good, so I tried other horses, but I didn't have any crushes. Finally, I bought Unesca, and the only problem she had was her horseshoes!

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