Ask Dominique Boeuf : Have you ever lost confidence after a bad fall and how did you keep the motivation going?

@mckenziewright I'm working hard on myself to overcome my fear of falling now :)
I have lost my confidence before after a bad fall and what I did was think to myself..”I don’t and won’t be a quitter and I’ve worked to hard to get to this point “
@dominiqueboeuf thank you! I wish you every best and success!
Hello Hang,

No I never lost my confidence after a bad fall, because I've been falling since I'm very young so I'm used to it!

But I fell, of course, a flat racing jockey will at least fall between 3 and 5 times a year, during races and trainings. For a jump racing jockey, it's one fall every 10 races!

We have an insurance, we have medical checks up,...
The problem is that jockeys don't take enough time to recover.

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