Ask Ravene: What supplements would you recommend which promote muscle growth and repair in competition horses?

Hello Natasha,

In our «physical condition optimisation» range, you will find a large choice of feeding supplement for your horse. NUTRIFORME is a perfect feeding supplement to prepare your horse to an intense effort or a show season. It contains oligo-elements and iron. It will allow you to prepare or to support your horse in the best way. It’s a liquid form you can mix to your horse feed, it’s very appealing. You will find it on our website here:

I our «recovery after effort» range, you can find NUTRILYTE, a liquid feeding supplement which will give your horse the electrolyte he needs to reduce his muscle fatigue. NUTRILYTE contains minerals allowing your horse's organism to regain his balance after intense sweating.
You have a format very useful you can bring everywhere (you can give it after a show for example), you can also find NUTRILYTE Flash as an oral syringe.

See you soon!

Team Ravene
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