Ask EQUISTRO: What supplements do you recommend to promote muscle growth and gain in performance horses?

Hi myoplast is a realy good product
Hello Natasha,

Thank you for your question :)
To promote muscle growth we have a couple of products:

The best product in your case is MYO POWER !

It is complementary feeding stuff destined to support healthy muscular development and condition. Contains readily assimilated natural proteins in addition to the essential amino acid and leucine.
With its original protein formula, MYO POWER supplies 18 different amino acids.
This product have to be given in complement of exercises and training to develop your horse’s muscles.

You can complement his ration with Excell E, (powder or liquid).
It contains a bio-available complex of vitamin E, organic selenium, magnesium and L-lysine.
It’s particularly recommended for helping maintain integrity and for assisting horses following an increased demand relating to muscular exertion and tension.
With a horse with better muscles and condition, you will also develop its performance.

Try MYO POWER, and give us your feedback.

We keep in touch ! :)
Have a good weekend!

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The Equistro team
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