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What are some advice to stop bouncing while cantering?

What are some advice to stop bouncing while cantering?
Heals down, shoulders back, and learn to move your hips with the horse.
try to lean back and heals down. i find it really helps if you try to move with your horse. hope this helpss!!
So my shoulder are back. My back is straight. I put weight on my butt and my position is better. I know it's childish as I said but it may help haha.
Have a nice day.
Hi Hissa,
It may be a little bit childish but I sometimes imagine that I'm a old german general with a lot of pride. So my shoulders
Shoulders back. Almost feel like you are leaning back a little and sit deep into the saddle and over time you’ll get it! Hope this helps! 😊
really squeeze with you calves and put all of your weight on your butt as you push it into the saddle. Think that you are pushing your back pockets into the saddle. Put your shoulders back, and chin up. That will help you naturally sit the canter. At first, only do it at the straight sides of the ring, and then slowly build up to build strength in your seat.