How do you check the saddle fit by yourself, or do you need to have a saddle fitter come out?

@ella1 I have had my saddle for a while now, it is my english saddle. I just wanna double check and make sure that the saddle fits my pony bc she is now having all of these hind end problems, and we are worried it might be pinching a nerve. thank you for the help! I will definitely go through the basic points!
First check the saddle, does it have some damages?
Then ask the person which type if saddle she has? Will it fit your horse or not? You may aske your coach or anyone close to you and your horse.
I do believe that a saddle fitter will be the best option or at least someone that work in this field, because the will guide you.
Hi Abby! Do you already have your new saddle or are planning to purchase? Is your saddle English or Western? You can check saddle fit by yourself by going through basic key points. If you are in the process, weight and leg length for rider and withers and back for horse are most important, saddle style and riding activity also. If you already have your saddle and feel its uncomfortable or unbalanced for you or your horse, search for a local master saddle fitter or ask for referral at the saddle shop. Hope this helps!
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