What natural shampoo do you recommend for a bay horse?

Cool! I was looking into the gallop line but I just wasn’t sure if it was all chemical badness or not😂. Thank you! @derekkeynes
I have actually been looking into Ecolicious but I was just curious to see if there were any other brands! Thank you!! @ella1
Hi Morgan! Ecolicious Equestrian has a great selection.
Hello Morgan!

You can try the Gallop Color Shampoo which is specific for every coat, it has neutral PH, don't bubble much, stain-removing ans intensify the coat color.

You can also try to do your own shampoo, for that you need:
-30ml of human soft revitalizing,
-5ml of oil,
-10ml of white vinegar,
-5ml of water

I hope i could help you, good luck if you try to do it yourself ;)
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