How do you help a horse who seems to have a gastro intestinal problem and rolls/falls down every time you tighten the girth (but only in the morning)?

He only does it in the morning, but we are seeking more possibilities from the vet.
What exactly are guy problems?? If you had a vet out then you should have gotten a better diagnosis than “guy problems”. Did they scope him for ulcers?
I think you need to continue seeking veterinary advice. Has the gut problem been treated? Was it successful? Has the vet cleared the horse to be rode when it's having such an extreme reaction?
We have seen a vet and she says he has s guy problem, But thanks so so much for the advice and help!!
Hello Anna!
First of all, are you sure that he has gastro intestinal problems? You should ask your vet to come over to check your verdict.

There are other reasons for a horse to fall while tightening the girth, this can be because of the saddle that is too tight and compress the whiter and the back, a girth problem, you need to be really careful to tighten it slowly, make him walk and put one hole more, make him walk again so that he gets use to it and doesn't feel cut in pieces ;) You can also try elastic girth.

Don't hesitate to make him see a vet for more advice, good luck :)
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