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How do handle your sleep before a big competition, and do you take nap before your class?

How do handle your sleep before a big competition, and do you take nap before your class?
i always try to get a good nights rest, but it’s very hard for me to because i’m thinking about the show day. i try to read and relax before i go to bed
Well I don't have much trouble sleeping, I usually sleep like a baby, the only difference is that before shows, when I go to bed I do what you do, I think about the last show and I imagine myself riding, what I can do better!
And in dressage I always think about me and my horse doing the test, over and over again! I usually know the arena so I try to think about where I'm going to have more difficulty!
Taking naps is something that leaves me really lazy so only if my class is in the morning
Hello Mark 🙂

Sleep is crucial for any athlete, so that's the case for riders too! Sleep has direct effects on performance, regarding both physical and mental rest. Studies showed that stress was increased in situations of tiredness, so to ride peacefully, you have to sleep well 😉

During a championship for example, when you have several days of competition, it's really important to rest, even if we don't necessarily feel like we are tired.

I like to do 20min naps during a show day, for example just after lunch if my class is at the end of the day.
Thank you Maddy!

Well it was kind of the same for me when I started showing, but now I'm used to it so it's fine.

I often do a workout session the day before a show, so when it's time to sleep, I feel that I need to rest! I eat a light dinner, and to fall in sleep, I try to visualize my last show, and do my course in my head, it helps 🙂
Hi Mark,

I don't sleep really well before a competition, so the night before I usually drink a camomile infusion, it helps me to relax.

I also try to read a book or a magazine, instead of watching TV or scrolling threw my social media feeds 😉

During the day, I don't take naps because after I always feel a little dizzy, so I wouldn't be in the best conditions for my class!

What about you?