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What are your advices for a horse who's sore after being trimmed differently?

What are your advices for a horse who's sore after being trimmed differently?
Thank you guys for your responses! He was trimmed on Thursday and I schooled on Friday and noticed he was sore in some places in the ring, but we kept jumping because it wasn’t a major lameness. so that afternoon we put shoes on and he was still off right after (but given he hadn’t had any walking time before we checked his soundness). We packed his hooves that night and the next day, he was sound enough to show but still picky about where he put his feet. I gave him Sunday off and just got done riding today and he’s back to himself again. (: I was initially concerned about it being a Hotnail and the possible time it could be for him to adjust to the shoes and the angle. I was also worried because I’d heard he should have been sound almost immididately after the shoes were out on
He could be sore because he was not used to shoes! Or the angles could be wrong... My horse has very different hoofs on all 4 legs, each hoof is trimmed acording to its shape and angle!
Just make sure he's confortable (maybe take the shoes off for a while) let the hoof grow and them make the right trim!
Sorry if it's not that helpful, hope he gets better!
Hi Miranda,

Was he still sore and did you go to your show?
My horse got trimmed by a new farrier yesterday & he’s sore. I have a show tomorrow so we put shoes on him tonight but he’s still sore at the trot.

He’s been known to be sore from short trims in the past by his previous owner, but when I got him, we took the shoes off. I’m just curious as to if it’s possible that he’s still sore because he isn’t used to the shoes, or the different angles (because my farrier DID say the angles were different on each foot).

We gave him bute and packed his hooves hoping that he won’t be lame tomorrow morning when we leave for the show, but I won’t be showing if he is still sore.

Anyone with experience with this? I need some piece of mind haha!