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How do you recommend to keep a horse quiet in the horse trailer?

How do you recommend to keep a horse quiet in the horse trailer?
Those are all great ideas! Thank you so much!
maybe try loading him in the trailer and then just tie him up and stand the a stroke him maybe give him his favorite treat to let him know that nothing will hurt him or happen to him
That definitely could have traumatized him. I suggest just starting from the beginning and retraining him. Get him to trust the trailer again. Good luck!
He recently had an accident on the trailer, he stuck his head between the dividers and cut his eye open. He needed five stitches at the show, but he was also given a natural relaxant before he got on the trailer so I don’t know what he was doing.
Hmm... was he ever in an accident with past owners? Or did past owners force him on the trailer? Maybe just start from the beginning and essentially retrain him. Get him near the trailer and let him graze and relax. Then slowly get him closer to the trailer and eventually on it. Hope this helps and good luck!
He had hay in the trailer, but he still freaks out, he’s also with other horses.
Make it fun in there for them like some hay
We always put hay in a hay net and they usually eat that the whole time. If it’s a really long trip and they eat all the hay then maybe a salt block or something the can lick/chew?