What are some advice to sit a buck?

@zoe Equestrian np ❤️
@victoriafielding I lunge her all the time, but the other parts I tried today and it worked! TYSM!
When you feel the horse starting to try and buck move your hips with the horse and then loosen the reins. I fined that often times the bucking is because the rider has hard hands and relys on the bit then they pull back more causeing the horse to buck agin out of discomfort. If you want to completely try and ignore bucking lunge your horse beforehand.
Sit up and flex his neck so he is bucking in a circle

sit slightly back pull the head up shoulders back heels down and in front a bit to help balance it out
if you sit back and pull the horses head up and hold your shoulders tight you’ll most likely sit it.
Shoulders back, heels down and leg around the horse.
Sit back. Pull the horse head up and sit in your tack.
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