How can you get the horse to gallop without accelerating to trot?

Thank you very much I will try!!
Another method could be to train the horse from a vocal aid while lunging and this will help lighten your physical aids. Best Joanne
Hello Anabel!

First of all let me remind you the aids to ask the gallop: you need to put your interior leg at the girth and the exterior one behind it, put the muzzle in the interior. You can put him on a circle to help yourself by using the bend or even do a shoulder in to put the weight on the hindquarters.

If he accelerates, it means that he's got a loss of balance, you need to put the weight on his hindquarters. The trot need to be balanced to have a great start, if you don't succeed, try to start from the walk, it will be easier for you and your horse.

I hope i could help you, good luck :)
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