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What can cause a horse to be tripping a lot?

What can cause a horse to be tripping a lot?
My horse is having the same problem, but he’s also very unbalanced. I took this problem up with some of my friends and they mentioned he might ha e epm or wobblers which explains his past back injuries. It’s not for certain but my vet is coming out soon.
Hi! One of my horses was tripping all the time after we shoed her for the first time. We didn't know what was going on because she never did that before, soon after she started to trip she also started to refuse jumps and she stopped giving her feet. When I had a different fairer come take a look at how her feet were being done he noticed that the nails are loose so he re shoed her. The tripping didn't go away though so I had him come back and take a look at her again. When he came the nails were loose again, he took of her shoes and asked me to hand trot her, we both noticed that she was not tripping next he shoed her and asked me to hand trot her again, and we both noticed that she was tripping.
She was tripping because she was stepping on the very edge of her front hoof with her other front hoof and pulling her own shoe of.
I solved the problem with no turn bell boots witch didn't allow her to step on her own feet anymore.
Some horses just don’t pay enough attention to where they put their feet try going over hills or obstacles to make them pay more attention. Hope this helps
Hey! there are a lot of reasons why the horse starts to trip! My horse trips when his hoofs grow and needs new shoes! My oldest one trips due lack of balance...
If you know you are working him right, check his hoofs, that would be my advice
Hope it helps
Lack of impulsion, being on the forehand, pain issues, neurological issues, footing issues, stifle problems, lameness, hoof issues... lots of reasons.