What do you advise to use instead of a bit, or are there any comfy bits?

Hackamore, if the bit is preprared correctly for each horse it’ll be comfortable
Thanks for the help guys!
Try using a nova bit or some other straight soft rubber bit (trust, popncini, beris) , a short shank hackamore or if you wanna go bitless maybe a sidepull
you could try a bosal or hackamore.

hope this helps!
You may try the traditional hackamore, the mechanical hackamore or a side pull. Myself, as a western rider, I ride mostly with a traditional hackamore.
You can always use a bit less bridle or hacks more. Also for a softer but you can use a rubber flexible bit or you can use a happy mouth, or rubber snaffle. Just try many options to see what your horse prefers.
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