Do you ride Western, English, or both, and why?

English because it is super fun and I enjoy the extreme athletic component to it
I ride mostly English because I find 3 day eventing a lot of fun and it’s more of a physical challenge but I’ve ridden western a few times and it was fun.
I ride western! (Barrel Racing)
English, I event and also where I am there aren’t many western riders even though I’d love to give it a try !
i ride english because i do eventing which is an english discipline and is super fun!
I started out Western then switched to English not long after because I wanted to jump.
I ride English because it’s the way I started and I love jumping and all of the tack how it looks so fancy. I have ridden western before in trails but I would love to try to actually learn western
I ride both that is what my barn does I prefer English over weastern
I ride English because it’s the way I started. There’s no western barns that I know of here in Ireland but I would love to try it
I only ride English. I started that way, and there are barely any western barns in my area, but I would love to try it out one day.
I rode English because it is how I started. I started English because it was the closest. I have always wanted to try western but haven’t had the chance yet.
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