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How many times do you ride a week?

How many times do you ride a week?
3-4 times and out of those 3-4 times I will either jump 1 day or No day and they will be skill jumps (wide oxers, bounces at a lower height) unless we have a competition where I will jump at our height for a course or 2
It depends on what I have going on. In the summer I ride Mon-Fri early in the morning when it isn't hot. In the winter I tend to ride just weekends, or 3 days a week after school.
3, more during holidays
once a week in the summer, twice all other seasons.
Every day😊 I have 5 horses and they have their day-off at different days
Day 1 - flat work
Day 2 - poll work
Day 3 - gymnastics or grid work
Day 4 - jump course
Day 5 - flat work
Day 6 - road hack or trail ride
i usually lesson twice a week and ride 1-2 times not in a lesson
I usually ride most days of the week weather permitting
I try to ride as much as possible !! If there isn’t too much to do (like studying or homework) I go everyday
Depends on the week, 1-5
1-3 times
5-6 times a week depending on how busy i am.
6 times a week
6 times a week
2-5 times a week. Mostly depending on the weather and my work schedule.
Once Due to time
Everyday. the only days i don't is when i am sick busy uni stuff.