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How do you get rid of a smell on a saddle?

How do you get rid of a smell on a saddle?
Maybe try effax balsam. It has a nice smell to it and with just enough of it, it might take the other scent away.
Thank you Alannah. Yeah It’s not a nice scent. I don’t dare to put vinegar on the saddle. I’m scared It’s going to ruin It. And I don’t own It yet 🙄 Raspberry scented saddle sope sounds good tho!
I have heard white vinegar gets rid of bad smells on tack, but I have never tried it so I can’t say it will definitely work. You can also wash the saddle with a scented saddle soap instead of just normal. I have one that’s raspberry scented. Leather conditioners may also help take the scent away. Good luck! Hope this helps because death is definitely not a great smell...
My stableowner said I could buy her old saddle. It’s a nice expensive saddle And I’m borrowing It until the autum again when I Probably will buy It. But the problem is the saddle smells like satan himself. More like old house satan granny (no offens to granny’s. Some granny’s smell nice) But my point is. How can I get rid of the smell? I’ve washed the saddle cover... It still stinks 💔 Plz help. Would like my saddle to smell like leather And not death ))):