What are the benefits of cold hosing your horses legs in the summer after riding?

Hello Jessica,

I live in the middle east and a lot of the horses suffer from swollen legs in the summer. I put ice in a bucket of water and hose them down or put cooling gel on the legs. I find it helps the horses recover and it's good for their comfort as well. My vet said it is also good for the tendons to do this as riding in hot weather can put a bit of strain on them.
Hello Jessica!

there are positive and negative points in cold showers:

- better recovery,
-less stiffness,
-less edema
-tighten the tissus,
-good for the tendons,
-disseminate blood
-prevent congestion

- thermal shock
-back blockage,
-need to put sweat scraper because water gets hot on the horse.

I hope i could help you :)
reduces exhaustion and over heating
It can reduce swelling in the legs. Many people run really cold water over their horses leg(s) if it is swollen.
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