Do you know where you can find some good off the track thoroughbreds for sale (under 3,000 dollars that knows its gaits, that can be brought up the levels)?

And @lsi I love after the races horses!
@lsi yes I am, I just haven't had a lot of time. I just came from volenteerING at a show today, which I made a post about. I feel so terrible @lily_loves_horses thay I didn't respond
@julieamharris are you still interested in the rescue horse named that @lily_loves_horses menetioned? I advertised a sale picture and description a couple of months ago and I think you were interested? If you are you can email [email protected]
@julieamharris aftertheraces
I love After The Races
@julieamharris midatlantic horse rescue and After The Races
@lsi Thank you! I have checked Equinenow and New Vocations Thoroughbred adoption. Does Days End farm have a website that I can check out?? 😀
Days End Farm Horse Rescue in MD
Thoroughbred Sport Horses in Kentucky all the way :)
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