Do you have experiences with a beval saddle, if you have, can you tell me about your experiences?

I have a Beval Gladstone (older make) - It was a demo from a saddle fitter- it’s still a little stiff, but for the price, I think it’s great. I ride different school horses and it fits them all, I feel secure, and it looks pretty! (Let’s face it, that matters too 😬) it’s really nicely made too, slightly high in the pommel so I use a corrective really depends on the time you spend in the saddle- I just lesson a couple of times a week. I think if I rode every day, I’d be more comfortable in something softer like a Devacoux, Antares or Butet- I just couldn’t justify that much money for the small amount of time I get to spend in the saddle. My friend has one of their newer saddles and she loves it! I would definitely recommend trying one out! Hope this helps..
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