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What are your opinions on riding your horse in a fly mask?

What are your opinions on riding your horse in a fly mask?
@karolinagol can't argue with that! Before we managed to get a hold of a full face mask, we used a cut pair of tights attached to the noseband, and the UV decreasing eye mask that looks like two circular giant beehives. Was really hoping that didn't work because you couldn't take him out in public looking the way he did. It was embarrassing.
It looks funny, that’s all I can say 😂
I ride in a full face fly mask on a chronic headshaker. It helps him a lot in terms of headshaking. I haven't jumped him in one though, and I'm not sure that I would
Hello Anne!

It appears that it limits the eyesight a little (especially dark masks) but your horse will get used to it because it is not a huge problem.

Some masks are especially made for riding with them but put them above your bridle and not under otherwise it will create friction and compression.

Your horse needs to get used to it, if he doesn't then you can try products against insects or fringe frontal.

I hope i could help you :)
I don’t think that’s good because it could restrict their eye sight. But I’ve seen masks make for riding so maybe check them out?
I wouldn't recommend it due to it slightly restricting a Horses vision. There may be riding masks out but in terms of using a regular mask I would suggest not.