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Do you listen to music while riding for a reason or just to have a background noise, and which styles do you prefer?

Do you listen to music while riding for a reason or just to have a background noise, and which styles do you prefer?
Hi Alannah 🙂

Here is a playlist I found if it can inspire you:
Hello Alannah :)
Scientific studies have already shown the benefits of classical music especially with stressed horses ! That's why the Horsecom kit was created with classical music to calm horses :)
I usually don’t because it could possibly distract me from a possible spook or something.
for my i find it relaxing for me and it helps me a lot at shows when i get nervous it helps me distract my mind from the nerves
I think it’s calming And helps to keep the rhythm + when I’m at the show my horse is not scared of loudspeakers and music
Helo Alannah!

There are a lot of advantages to ride with music.
First of all you are more relaxed and if your horse hears it, he will be too. It will help him have the same rhythm as the music (which is great because he will be regular in his speed, you can also use a metronome to do so).

Then, it will help your horse getting use to the noise (it's great if you want to go on competitions or even on walks because he will be less surprised). Some ear-bonnets exist that puts the music directly in the horse's ear (horsecom) and it has been seen that horses are more relaxed and calm with it, it also isolate them from the outside noises, this is why they stress less.
You can sing along on a horse too, it will help you have a better breathing.

I think it is a very great thing to ride with music but be careful on walks to put only one hearing or put the music on speaker because you need to know if an outside noise (a car for example or a bike) is going to scare your horse in order to react and not be surprised by it.

I hope my answer could help you :)
If I’m alone I find that riding while I’m listening to music is one a great relaxer, two it helps me get into the grove of things rather I’m practicing jumping or doing barrel racing, three if I do play it out loud I make shure the horse likes it and it’s not to loud. But it does help me and I do recommend others to try it.
Some people play their radio or put some music on while they are riding or they put the speaker in their stall to get them desensitised to noises/music when they are at shows or places that have loud noises