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What are the main things to know if you are to buy your first horse?

What are the main things to know if you are to buy your first horse?
Do you mean the horse you are looking to buy or about horse related stuff in general? If you mean the horse you are buying them what @derekkeynes said is perfect! If you mean horse related things then I would know about the horses bodies and health. Try learning about different illnesses that are common and what to do in case of them. Learning how to treat abscesses is also very good to know, as well as wrapping your horses legs. Just little things that can make your horse happier and healthier! Hope this helps!
Hello Jam!

First you need to be sure that the horse doesn't have any physical problems (you have to make a vet visit for him to check the horse and don't have any surprise after).

Then you need to find a breed that fits your discipline and also an age that fits your level (usually, an old horse fits a young rider while a young horse can be ridden by an experimented rider).

You have to try every horse to know their personalities and see if you can support their defaults and like their qualities, if you feel comfortable on them and also with them (just being around them for grooming, playing in the field...).
Be helped by a professional that can see things you don't.

I hope i could help you, good luck with this beautiful experience :)