Ask Bertrand Franquet : How to help keeping a show jumping horse sound in therms of joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles,...?

Thank you so much for the answer! That really helps!!
Hi Catarina,

A jumping show requires a huge contribution of different structures of the body. The earlier we start to take care about it, the best recovery will happen.
For tendon and joints recovery my advice will be to alternate the following applicants: clay, cryotherapy(cold water shower, ice), or comfort. A supportive cure for joints or bones could help too.
For muscles recovery: you can give orally or muscle and massage muscles with arnica gel or locally apply or relax.
The general state of the horse is crucial too. The better you know your horse the best recovery will be thanks to the specificity of dietary complement used. Because of the stress imposed by the competition for example, a spirulina cure could be used to support the immunity. Others cures exist and could be interesting depending on the sensitivity of your horse (example of or gastric cure for a horse gastric mucosa sensitivity..).
Don’t forget the mental recovery.. Let your horse eating and drinking ad libitum in comfort silence environment..
But don’t let a horse too long without activity neither…

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