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What would cause a horse to trip a lot when riding him?

What would cause a horse to trip a lot when riding him?
His hooves maybe too long and it’s time for a trim.
Hello Isabella!

Your horse can have different problems:

-First you need to see a vet to make sure he doesn't have foot or back problems or even navicular disease for an old horse.

-Your horse can have a balance problem if he's young or have too much weight on his shoulder (you need to stay really straight in order not to bother his balance)

-He can have a lack of impulsion by leaving his foot lying around, for that you need to make a lot of transitions while keeping your legs in to make him more reactive, also work on ground poles to help him rise his legs and be more careful on where to put his foot.

-He may not be very focused on the job you're asking him so always ask him to do something so that he doesn't get bored and stays focused on you, you can also make sessions with distended reins in order to let him find his balance on his own.

I hope i could help you :)
He may not be strong enough in his top line to hold himself in a canter and that’s why he’s feeling weak but I’d ask a chiropractor, physio or vet x
As for the triping, maybe it's time to get new shoes? Big hooves can cause that. As for feeling weak, you'll have to ask the vet for guidence
Do any of you have any ideas on why this would be happening?

my horse trips a lot when I ride, he feels really weak and when I ask for a canter it is really hard for him to pickup the correct lead. + I can only get up to ride him once a week.

I think it may be that he is just under muscled but I would like to see what other options there could be, I am having my trainer ride him sometime this week so that maybe she can also figure out what's wrong.