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Would you rather stroke your horse when he refuses to jump or punish him, and why?

Would you rather stroke your horse when he refuses to jump or punish him, and why?
depend on who’s “fault” it was. if it was your horse being lazy or grumpy, then i think it’s fine to gently punish your horse, maybe just a kick or crop, but never to abuse- only to teach them that that’s is not right. if it were the riders fault, like they were leaning to the fence or ahead/behind the horse, causing the horse to be unsure, then the rider should apologize and stroke the horse. hope this helped xx
Depends on the situation. If the horse just decided to be a brat and be difficult, than punish. But if it was a rider error or the horse was nervous, than stroke
NO PUNISHMENT. The horse needs to be given confindence. Being punished for trying is not good at all.
It is 99% of the times the riders fault why a horse acts up. Therefore you should never punish your horse since they don’t have to let you ride them in the first place:)
I would never punish. Ugh I’ve seen videos of people at shows and their horse refuses and they just keep smacking the poor horse and Yank it’s mouth to turn them around. I could never to that. I think that teaches them that every jump could mean a smack and they’ll continue to refuse. Any horse I rode I would try talk with my voice. If they refuse I rub them and tell them it’s okay and turn around and try again and again , no matter how long it takes I want them to learn from it. Not put the fear in them. I want them to jump for fun not out of fear of doing something wrong and getting hit.
I agree with @balmino!! If you work with your horse using only praise then they are going to respect you and want to do more. If you punish your horse then you are only teaching them to fear what’s going to happen if they don’t do it. I think this is true for all animals. If your horse refuses then circle back to it (just walking) and let them see it. Circle back again and trot/canter over it. After they go over then you praise them a lot! Talk to them, pat them, do everything you can and make a big deal. They learn that if they do what you ask there will be a good outcome. Hope this helps! I
Hello Coleen!

I think you can punish your horse but in some circumstances only; if he tries to put you down willingly because he stops for no reasons because he has a big temper. But you have to do it 2 or 3 secondes after the stop otherwise he won't understand why you punish him.

But in my opinion, when a horse stops it is usually due to the rider that made a mistake.

You can stroke him if it's a young horse that is very anxious (because of a colorful filler for example or a new obstacle he never saw before). You can also stroke him if you know that it's your faults if he refuses (you know you made a mistake so you stroke him to make him understand you know it's your fault and not his).

When you come back and he finally jumps, don't forget to stroke him to make him understand he made a good job :)
Punishment should be completely out of the question. If anyone believes in punishing a horse for anything then they need to get off that horse and hand him over to an educated horseman.

My mare rarely refuses jumps and when she does I have never felt the need to punish her by hitting her with a whip. It's controlling, spoilt and cruel - that's a fact. Instead, I allow her to look at the jump before I re-approach it and continue to do so until she eventually jumps it (she always will in the end) and I allow her to rest as a reward once she does, always giving lots of praise.

Horses need time and are allowed to say no. We forget that we are not in control and it's simply down to the horse's willingness and tolerance which allows us to work together. Punishing a prey animal for losing confidence not only portrays us people as controlling and abusive but it frightens the horse into submission. Horses should never be forced to do something out of fear or pain.