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Why are you for or against the racing industry? Personally I am against it but I want to hear some opposite opinions. :)

Why are you for or against the racing industry? Personally I am against it but I want to hear some opposite opinions. :)
I also have conflicting opinions. I own a OTTB and he is the best and brightest horse I have ever owned. But he also has his drawbacks, he doesn’t understand giving to pressure, he was taught to run through it. I agree that he was treated very very well on the track, he was also kept in his stall for a very big time, which never sits well with horses. Then there’s the fact of injuries on the track, my guy tore his ligaments in his front left leg, and was injected with a quick healing substance to heal him so he could run again. I know that they still do this, and I disagree with it because it’s eventually going to hurt the horse more. Another thing I disagree with is the inhalants that they give the horses to improve performance. I think that it’s just a timeless sport that has gotten out of hand and with new rules and regulations could be seen as a “good” sport again.
@lizsmcgregor I completely agree with you! I think that they are treated very well for some things, but there are too many bad things that override the good.
I have two conflicting opinions ! The first one if for because race horses are always emaculately looked after and get the best of the best in terms of feed, vet, physio, chiro etc. but on the other hand I don’t agree that animals should be involved in sport to earn money as well as the abuse some race horses are put through. Also the fact that they are started so you’d often causes later physical and mental problems for them :( I guess my bad outweighs my good ..
Most of the bad things that happen around the "racing industry" is not the racing industry the bad one itself. Mostly the owners of the horses make bad things. This happens when the money ambition is bigger than the love for the animal. I am in a neutral position because not places are bad and not all people are bad. Ask shelby dennis in youtube. She can asses you.
@caoimhesweeney I completely understand that! Thank you for saying that to clear things up though. I was making more of a point about how I think jockeys tend to pull on the horse a lot. But yes, I completely understand that bridleless is not “better” or less abusive than most bits.
@caoimhesweeney I understand that. And I know that basically anything can hurt the horse if it’s used in the wrong way. But I know that some horses work better with bitless and I would like to see it introduced for the some it works for. Thank you for pointing that out :)
@alannahreilly and @chloecarleton just to pick up on a point both of you have made. A bitless bridle can, and often does, do as much damage as a bit, just in a different way. The pressure on both the nose and poll means there's a high risk of nerve damage with both and it was only today I was told about a horse who has been left with scarring due to a misused rope bridle. Some horses suit bits, some don't. Bitless is not more kind than bitted. I have no problem with people using bitless bridles. They have their place and suit some horses. However, not all horses suit them and they are no less cruelty free than most bits.
i am also against it, even though it is intertaining, the horses are so young and there bones are not developed and could break leaving the horse to be put down, after races, if the horses dont succeed they are left by there owners. The racing indrestry is abusive! Take justify for example! Yes he won the triple crown, but when he did, he was only 2 and 3!!
I'm totally A-ok with the industry. If you have actually ever been to a racing facility you would know that these horses are treated like GOLD. They live in 12x12 gorgeous open stalls. Access to several walks and turnout times a day. Depending on who owns the horse they may be more considered objects but that doesn't affect the horse as they have there own army of care takers trainers and riders that give the love and care they need. As for their work outs they may get worked once a day to work on the horses strength and endurance no different than any other horse. @alannahreilly I have come to understand you have strong feelings towards bits and I understand that. Most of these horses are not in aggressive bits what's so ever because of the risk of damage. Most are in smooth snaffles and maybe a twisted. There is a picture circulating of Justify's (2018 triple crown winner) jockey. It is an image of his hands coming out of the gate and it has gone viral for the fact that he is holding the reins with his FINGER TIPS, No hauling there. The biggest note to take from this is these horses don't run if they don't want to run that is one of the reasons there are so many OTTB available for sale. I had a horse that is an OTTB and he never raced because all he wanted to do was run Inc the middle of the track and away leads. He now is loved by a young girl. I'm not saying that everything g is right about the industry but the same goes with all equestrian disaplines.
I don’t like it. I know some places treat their horses really well. But I don’t like the whole thing. The excessive whipping that does nothing! And the fact bitless isn’t allowed is so so silly. I don’t see why it’s not allowed?? It would be so much better. And They breed so many horses for them to not even be raced once because they’re not “racing material”. And they do it all for entertainment. And I’m sure there is people out there that love the sport and horse and treat them like gold. But the racing industry need to step it up to show that they all can be like that.
I’m also against it. I think the horses are not treated like real horses, more like objects. They overwork them very often, too. They pull really hard on their faces. Also they whip their horses excessively. Usually the horse doesn’t even react to it...