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Do you know Alycia Burton, if so, have you tried things she does (bridleless/bareback)?

Do you know Alycia Burton, if so, have you tried things she does (bridleless/bareback)?
Yes I’ve done bareback and I love it but I’ve never tried bridless
Yes, I have heard of her! I have done bareback and bridleless before and I love it! I have done bareback and bridleless jumping up to 2’9. I have jumped and ridden just bridleless with a saddle and just bareback with a bridle as well.
I've tried bareback and I'm not going to lie, I think it's the most difficult thing in the world, especially on a bouncy cob like my own! I don't do it too often since I know horse's backs are sensitive (hence the purpose of a saddle) but it definitely increases your balance.
Yeah I do a lot of bareback riding. It is very good way of increasing your grip and to increase your trust on the horse. You should only do bridleless riding on a horse that you can really control and trust.
@chloecarleton I ride bareback a lot!! I love it! I usually just end up riding bareback because I was too lazy to tack her up ahahah. I really want to try bridleless so I’ve practiced a little bit with my mare but she’s kind of stubborn... I tried with another horse at my barn (Jazz) and he learned so quickly!!! I only rode him for like 20 minutes and he knew exactly what to do! I want to do more with him but he isn’t my horse so I can’t ride him always. But anyways I love Alycia! @annespencer that stinks that you can’t do bridleless but one day you probably will be able to! The good thing is that you ride bareback often do you will have the balance to go bridleless
She is so amazing! I ride bareback a lot but the horse I ride isn’t worked with enough by me or any other people to get bridleless to work😂
I love her!! She’s amazing! I’ve tried bareback with my pony, my balance is terrible but I’m working on it😅 have you?