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What is a free lease? At our barn we have two horses here for the summer on a free lease.

What is a free lease? At our barn we have two horses here for the summer on a free lease.
It’s free to lease the horse itself but you pay all pf the horse’s expenses
A free lease is similar to a full lease, in which the leaser is responsible for all of the horse's expenses(farrier, vet, feed, board, dentist, show fees, etc). The difference between a full and free lease is that in a full lease you are usually paying a lease fee on top of the horse’s mandatory costs. That fee is usually 1/3 of the horse’s purchase price(at least in the h/j world). A free lease still requires you to pay all of the horse’s mandatory expenses, but you do not have to pay a lease fee on top of that!!
Hello Anne!

There are multiple advantages and drawbacks on having a free lease horse.

First of all, it is an owner horse that is lent to the barn for a period of time, in exchange of the horse being ridden by any rider, the owner don't pay for the accommodation of the horse. However, he has to pay for annexe fee (vet, dentist, farrier, specific food...)

This has advantages:
-in you don't have enough money to pay for your horse or enough time to ride him

And drawbacks:
-depending on the contract (for simple free lease, you pay nothing but are not priority to ride the horse) you can't say who rides your horse (level) how many times a day, doing what and your horse can even not be free for when you want to ride him, you don't have your complicity anymore because a lot of people ride him.

For a half free-lease, you pay the half of the pension and can ride your horse half of the time, you are prioritary and can choose who rides (level) how much hours a week, disciplines...

I hope i could help you :)
that means the owner is lending the horse to the leaser without charging them a fee for the horse. They do in most cases however, have to pay for everything else. It is the same as a lease, just with no fee to the owner.