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When you are away for the week, do you give your horse the week off or have someone else work them for you?

When you are away for the week, do you give your horse the week off or have someone else work them for you?
Give the week off. I used to have someone ride her at my old barn when she only had 3-5 hours of turn out but now she has 14 hours so I don’t really bother asking anyone. With my horse it was less of a Workout schedule think and more of an “ can you please ride her so she doesn’t run around like a maniac when I get home” I think it depends on the amount of turnout they get.
I give my throughbred mares a week off from riding but I will have a friend lunge them twice a week
I give my horse the week off from riding. I would like for them to atleast be lunged once or twice that week.
The horse I ride is ridden once a week by me. I am not sure if someone else use it. Maybe the use her for therapies with children with discapcity. If i do not go for x reasons she would probably have the week off.
Giving your horse the week off might be the best thing you've done. I've noticed when my horses get the week off after a show they are always refreshed and more willing to work, no different than you taking a vacation. Some people are worried about the horse losing muscle mass but if it's only one week you won't notice a difference. Others worry about there energy level will become out of
control if that's the case then having some one turn out or lung the horse will be more than enough to make sure they don't turn into a wild mustang the first ride back 😂
If it's just one week, i'll give the week off, it's good for them not have someone anoying them every day, and I have them a lot more willing to work when I came back!

If it's a lot of weeks (like when I went to college, only rode at the weekends) then I would have my trainer riding them so they keep working and being prepared for conpetitions

You are afraid he'll lose his muscles, then I would say to ask a trainer that you trust to work the horse

Hope it helps
I usually let her have the week off but I tell some of my barn friends that they can lunge her or ride her if they want. They usually just lunge her once and don’t ride her because she can get a little naughty lol
@jessica_equestrian same lol😂😂 I just am worried about her going crazy and losing a lot of muscle I have worked hard to build.
I would have your trainer ride him/her, so that your horse can stay fit.
I give my horses the week off. I don’t trust anyone else not to screw them up lol (I am a protective horse owner)
I give my pony the week off because I’ve no one to ride her :(